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Web users in Australia a rapidly moving towards accessing the web on their smartphones and tablets. Is your website ready?

We are one of the leading countries when is comes to using our smartphone for the web. In fact well over half our population will access the web once a day from a smartphone, and this rate is obviously higher in the major cities. And this rate is increasing very, very fast.

The future has arrived for mobile internet

The mobile user is brutal. If they land on a website and can't gather the information they want fast, they will leave. This is why your large or small business web design needs to take into account the mobile user interface & usability requirements for these visitors.

At this point you're probably thinking “oh great, I need to spend more time and money developing and maintaining a separate mobile website”. Wrong – with the introduction of Responsive Design to mobile web development, websites can now “respond” to any device screen dimension that accesses your page.

Breaking this down, it means that you maintain one website, one content flow, and have the capability to provide an optimised brand experience for you users whether they are desktop, tablet or smartphone users.

Isn't that great!

Responsive Design makes facing the scary emergence of the mobile web less intimidating. As Melbourne web developers, we love creating user experiences that are not only logical, but also economical and efficent.

Our mobile website design utilises responsive design to create a seamless web experience for your users.

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